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Happy Horses, Happy Riders

Country Trails is home to a herd of nearly 30 seasoned lesson and trail horses.  Our horses are selected for temperment and experience.  We have horses gentle enough for first-time riders, as well as horses who have excelled in the show-circuit and have much to teach to our advancing students.  We love our horses, and we know you will too!

Our Lesson Horses



"Jack is our golden boy!" - Lynne

Jack is a Palomino Quarter Horse gelding, who has years of Western Pleasure under his cinch! We are thrilled to have him in our herd!



“Talented, intelligent, and so much fun to ride!" - Erin

Solo is a gorgeous bay Warmblood gelding with extensive jumping experience.  He is intelligent and sweet, and we feel very lucky to have  him in our lesson program!



"She's always in braids.  She's beautiful!" - Samantha, riding student

Piccina is a gorgeous Palomino Quarter Horse mare.  You will always see her mane in big braids.  She is a retired reiner, and has a lot to teach our students!



"Adobe is fitting in perfectly at our barn!" - Tori, Barn Manager

Dobie is a handsome chestnut Thoroughbred who recently joined our herd- another amazing gelding from Premiere Equine Rehab.  After some schooling, we're sure he'll be a favorite in our lesson program!

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 3.43.55 PM


"She knows her job and loves to do it!" - Michelle, Social Media Manager

Juliette is a gray Andalusian mare, who looks like a unicorn! She was once a police horse and also has had dressage training, so she's an amazing horse to ride!



"Lady lives up to her name, she's a total sweetheart!" - Ally 13 yrs 

Pretty Lady came to us with her friend, Piccina. She is a chestnut Quarter Horse, who also used to work as a reiner. Braids are a must, for this girl, too, and our students are falling in love with her!



“He's a great ride and has been my favorite since day one!"-Jessica

Turtle is a Paint Horse with a bonus-he has a bright blue eye!  He can see just fine out of both and he’s a joy to ride.



“I love how she's always ready to go and fun to hang out with!” - Allison 11 yrs

Trina is our Pinto Quarter Horse pony.  She is as cute as a button, sweet and petite, and takes lots of teeny-tiny steps to keep up!


"Our advanced students adore this boy!" -Megan

Rayne is a stunning 11 year old flea-bitten grey Thoroughbred gelding.  He was a successful racehorse, who came to us from Premiere Equine Rehab.  We are honored to be giving this amazing horse a new, happy life!



“Tyler's personality is so sweet, it's hard not to fall in love with him!” - Mia

Tyler is a Paint gelding. He is great for all ages and skill levels, and he loves attention! He used to be a show horse and can teach our advanced riders new skills.



“I love her, she's perfect  She always listens and has a smooth jog” - Hailey 11 yrs

Winnie is a Paint with a big blaze and a sweet nature. She is a favorite among staff and students and is great for beginner to advanced riders!

Our Trail Horses



JJ is a Gray Quarter Horse gelding. He is the most playful pony in the trail pen. You’ll often see JJ strutting his stuff and trotting around, playing with the herd. He also loves showing off his good looks in photos shoots for various special occasions.


M & M

Married to the Music has joined our herd!  This gorgeous chestnut Thoroughbred gelding comes to us from Premiere Equine Rehab, after a successful career as a race horse.  We like to call him M&M, because he's just so sweet!



Shiny, black Wendy, is the newest member of our herd.  She has soft, kind eyes, and has already proven to be a team player. We're glad she's with us!



Big Snip, aka, Snip, is the newest edition to our trail herd! She is a sweet chestnut Quarter Horse mare, who is comfy to ride. She has very kind eyes, loves new people, and enjoys splashing in the water!



Sara is a pretty little chestnut Quarter Horse mare.  She's gentle, a good listener, and loves to nuzzle!  If you ride her, she just might become your favorite!



Gracie is a fleabitten Gray Quarter Horse who likes spending time with her "pasture twin", JJ.  They are often confused for one another when standing side-by-side! Gracie can be a little bashful at first, but she loves to be cuddled!



Chex is a pretty Sorrel Quarter Horse mare.  She has a beautiful coat that glistens in the sunlight.  She is truly a cutie and loves rolling in the pen after a day on trail!



Raider is a black Quarter Horse gelding, however, he loves sunbathing, so the sun lightens his coat.  He is a clown and will do almost anything for attention!


SID-Trail Guide

Our Sweet Sid has retired from being a lesson horse and now enjoys being a trail guide. He is a bay Canadian Warmblood, who measures over 18 hands high and he loves to cuddle!


BULLET-Trail Guide

Little Bullet belongs to our Barn Manager, Tori, and we are lucky to be able to use him as a trail guide. He is a Pinto gelding, who is 10 years old, but don't worry, unlike his name, he'll take you on a relaxing ride!


Come Say "Hay"

Give us a ring and we'll set you up for a ride!  We are a working ranch, but we respond as quickly to phone calls and emails as most regular city folk.  We'd love to hear from you!