Misty anb Cowboy

Happy Horses, Happy Riders

Country Trails is proud home to a herd nearly 30 seasoned lesson and trail horses.  Our horses are selected for temperament and experience.  We have horses gentile enough for first-time riders, as well as horses who have excelled in the show-circuit and have much to teach to our students.  We love our horses, and we know you will too!

Our Lesson Horses



“Razz is a cuddle bug and loves to ride” - Dharani 14 yrs

Razz is a Flea-Bitten Grey Arabian who has a mind of his own! He is always peppy and loves his job, he teaches kids how to gain leg strength.



“He is like a giant buffalo and a puppy dog!” - Meagan, instructor

Sid is a Bay Canadian Warmblood, and at 18+ hands, he is the largest horse at Country Trails. He is so tall, some people have to stand on a stool to groom him!



“She loves to love! With the right cues she helps you gain confidence!” - Seychelle 13 yrs

Taki is a Bay German Thoroughbred mare with personality! She recently retired to her permanent home with a loving family! Congrats Taki!



“Quest is an all-purpose horse, he does lessons and trail and loves his work!” - Nicole 16 yrs

Quest is an Arabian Paint cross gelding.  He is both a trail guide and a lesson horse.  He has a beautiful black and white coat, and loves treats of all kind!



“He is handsome and knows it. He is so fun to ride!” - Tammy, adult

Cowboy is a Paint horse with personality; he has allergies, but that doesn’t stop him from teaching our intermediate and advanced riders.



“I love Paco.  He is perfect for me and he is well behaved” - Raegan 8 yrs

Paco is a Bay Arabian. He’s small and handsome, and always holds his tail to the side while being ridden. He is easy going and great for our beginner riders.



“She has some spunk for sure, but she is the ultimate partner!” - Kimmy 14 yrs

Blondie is a beautiful Palomino Quarter Horse. She is 24 years old but definitely doesn’t act or look her age! She likes to give kisses too!



“She was sweet and patient with me as I learned English” - Kimmy 14 yrs

Babs is a 26 year old chestnut Thoroughbred. After 3 beautiful years in our lesson program, Babs has retired to her forever home with her original owner!



“She is a tough girl, sweet, loving and spunky girl!” - Emilee 11 yrs

Misty is a Chestnut thoroughbred mare. She has a beautiful stride, and she is a great teacher for our intermediate and advanced riders.



“He is very curious and loves male riders!” - Hannah, assistant

Turtle is a Pinto Quarter Horse with a noticeable feature- he has a bright blue eye!  He can see just fine out of both eyes, and he’s very kind to ride.



“I love how she's always ready to go and fun to hang out with!” - Allison 11 yrs

Turtle is a Pinto Quarter Horse with a noticeable feature- he has a bright blue eye!  He can see just fine out of both eyes, and he’s very kind to ride.



“I love her, she's perfect  She always listens and has a smooth jog” - Hailey 11 yrs

Winnie is a Paint with a big blaze and a sweet nature. She is a favorite among staff and students and is great for beginner to advanced riders!



“Star loves to be treated like a baby.  He's loyal to his riders.” - Anna 14 yrs 

Starjan is a Bay Oldenberg who enjoyed a career as a high-level show jumper before coming to Country Trails.  Our students love his fancy canter!



“Tyler's personality is so sweet, it's hard not to fall in love with” - Tori 19 yrs

Tyler is a Paint gelding. He is great for all ages and skill levels, and he loves attention! He used to be a show horse and can teach our advanced riders new skills.



“I love him because he works with me. He jogs not too quick and not too fast!” - Angela 8 yrs

Red is a Chestnut Quarter Horse. He has a moustache on his upper lip, and has great manners! He loves treats, especially carrots!

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We are happy to welcome our newest addition, Juliette!  Our students and staff love her already!

Juliette is a gray Andalusian mare, and we are already smitten with her beauty!  We will let you know what our students think of her very soon!

Our Trail Horses



Pete is a red roan Quarter Horse and is very friendly to people!  He loves attention and enjoys having his neck and shoulders scratched. He spent the beginning of his career in the rose parade and now loves to show off his riders!



is a Blue Roan Quarter Horse and the oldest one in our trail herd. He has a beautifully long mane and tail. He wants to be friends with horses and humans alike. He is great for our younger kids and loves to carry them around the trails!



Whisper is a fleabitten Gray Quarter Horse and has a beautiful, sweet face.  She loves being a leader on trail, but she's also happy taking children on rides.  The color "fleabitten" is a term to describe the black "freckles" she has in her coat.



JJ is a Gray Quarter Horse gelding. He is the most playful pony in the trail pen. You’ll often see JJ strutting his stuff and trotting around playing with the herd. He also loves show himself off in engagement photos and other special events!



Gracie is a fleabitten Gray Quarter Horse who likes spending time with her "pasture twin" Whisper.  They are often confused for one another when standing side-by-side! Gracie can be a little bashful at first, but she loves to be cuddled!



Chuck is a Bay Quarter Horse who is very curious and always looking for treats.  He and Pete are best buddies, and can be often seen hanging out together in the pen.  He is also known as our herd clown, and loves playing with toys!



Raider is a black Quarter Horse gelding. However, he loves sunbathing, so his coat often lightens his coat.  If you visit him in the spring, he has a beautiful color.  He is a clown and will do almost anything for carrots!



Marley is an Irish Sport horse who used to compete in horse shows.  Now Marley enjoys the retired life doing quiet trail rides with his buddies!  He is taller than our other horses, but is still gentile and a smooth ride.

Come Say "Hay"

Give us a ring and we'll set you up for a ride!  We are a working ranch, but we respond as quickly to phone calls and emails as most regular city folk.  We'd love to hear from you!